IRC Servers

IRC enables users to discuss issues, make plans, help out others with their wireless projects, chat instantly with others, etc.

Although not the official voice of Air-Stream, and some people there may not be Air-Stream members it can still be a useful source of information. But please bear in mind that this service has been set up by individual members and so does not formally represent the views of Air-Stream Wireless.

How to connect

IRC servers can be accessed via the Air-Stream wireless network and the internet using a compatible IRC client.

Web-based IRC Client

To quickly jump into the action, just visit: or https://webchat.air-stream.wan

Global IRC Addresses

Individual IRC Servers

  • Air-Stream Lonsdale: irc.lonsdale.wan /
  • Air-Stream Ridgehaven: irc.ridgehaven.wan /
  • Air-Stream Sefton Park: irc.lcc-seftonpark.wan /
  • Air-Stream Underdale: irc.underdale.wan /
  • Air-Stream Valley View: irc.valleyview.wan /
  • Air-Stream Ridgehaven: irc.sifnt.wan / fedc:a6c:80::142 or 2001:44b8:160:2c88::142

SSL Required

Due to the nature of wireless networks, we are required to secure communications with SSL encryption. To connect to official IRC servers you will require an IRC client that supports SSL.

More information about Air-Stream SSL certificates here.

More info on SSL with mIRC:


Air-Streams IRC Servers now require member login to authenticate and use the IRC network. To authenticate you are required to use your Air-Stream username as the "Identd User ID" or "Username" and your password must be entered in the IRC Server "Password" field. For more detailed instructions please see the how to pages provided in the members wiki.

Terms of Use

Due to the nature of IRC, moderation of content is difficult to control and thus the actions of users on the IRC server remain the responsibility of themselves, not Air-Stream Wireless Inc. Server operators, channel operators or channel half operators to reprimand disruptive users. Administrators of this server reserve the right to intercept and monitor any network traffic in response to suspected denial of service attack or other technical misuse. By connecting to these IRC servers you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.