Air-Stream Members receive an email account, which is to be used for all formal correspondence within the group. The username you provided on your application form is used to set up your account, full details are emailed to your alternate address when it is created. To reset your email password, just use the Member Control Panel.

Secure Mail Access

Air-Stream mail services are configured to use TLS/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections. This provides a secure medium for your mail application to communicate with the server, and is required for access via the wireless network. All secure Air-Stream services use certificates that are signed by the "Air-Stream Certificate Authority". To remove the warning pop up you receive in your browser/email client, you need to add the Air-Stream Root Certificate to your software's keychain. This will allow your software to correctly verify any certificates signed by Air-Stream. See Securing Air-Stream Services with TLS/SSL for more information.

SPAM filtering

Please see the SPAM Filtering page for more information.

Web Mail

Secure mail services can be accessed from anywhere via an Internet web browser, by visiting:

If you are having difficulty with the configuration of your favorite mail application, try using the Web Mail as fall back for support, or to contact the committee.

Mailing Lists

Air-Stream uses mailing lists to communicate to groups of members interested in particular topics. By default, all members are subscribed to a members AT mailing list, which is used for general communication about club activities reminders and announcements.

To view your current subscription options, visit the Members Mailing List  page.

Email Server Information

If you would like to use your own email client, see the Email Server Information page for what settings to use.